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Fishing at Lake Nipissing

Lake Nispissing is know for its fantastic fishing experience, any time of the year! With a short boat ride you'll be able to catch some bass, walleye, muskies and some pike! When you stay at Nipissing Cottage Rental you're just a boat ride away from your fishing adventure. 

Type of Fish

Due to the shallow and nutrient rich waters of Lake Nipissing, fish are abundant here - so your chances of a catch at much greater! However, its good to know the types of fish that this beautiful lake has to optimize your chances.

  • Walleye/Pickerel - These fish are most active in low light conditions, so, fishing at dawn or dusk is recommended. Live bait and bright blades improve effectiveness of the catch!

  • Northern Pike - There is an abundance of Pike in Lake Nipissing. Fishing in late fall with bait that resembles perch, small bass or herring greatly increases your chances of a catch as these fish feed heavily at that time. You can find small Pike in shallower areas and larger ones tend to be in deeper waters.

  • Smallmouth Bass - Like the Pike, these fish are also plentiful. Since the lake has a lot of shoals, this is an excellent area to fish for these. Bass are a school fish, so if you catch one, its likely there are more around!

  • Muskellunge - A.k.a Muskie. These fish have similar feeding grounds to Pike and similar fishing techniques can be used.

What are you waiting for, get in touch with us and grab your gear!

Ice Fishing at Lake Nipissing

Ice fishing here will be one of the best ice fishing experiences you've ever had. The winter temperatures allow a perfectly thick ice layer to form and the wildlife is buzzing. With plenty of huts available, come visit us.

The ottage comes with the use of a fully set up day shack only minutes away on some of the hottest ice fishing spots! Plus, you can have someone meet you at the house and take a day trip to our ice shack fully set up and ready to go!

Why stay with us?

Spring & Fall Fishing - bring your boat and park at home.

Boat launch on property

Spend the day on the lake, return to the waterfront home for a family meal and sleep in comfort after a nice hot shower

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